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Please listen to the Boss Files podcast titled “Cynthia Marshall: Rebuilding the Dallas Mavericks”


and answer these 9 questions in short

1-What is the name of the subject of this podcast, the CEO of the Dallas Mavs?

2-What did Ms. Marshall absolutely NOT want to do when she became an adult?

3-What was the FIRST thing Cynthia Marshall did when she started working as CEO of the Mavs?

4-According to Marshall, female leadership has increased from “basically 0%” to…..

5-Regarding the popular notion that “we can have it all” (a successful career, a solid home life, a family, strong mental health, quality of life, etc.), Marshall says instead…..?

6-What does CRAFTS stand for?

7-What was Cynthia Marshalls’ dream job as a child?

8-Marshall talks about a physical change she implemented that she believes has helped to positively affect the organization’s culture. What was it?

9-Marshall talks about a “crystal ball” moment in her life. It dealt with…..

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