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Read  Horizon: How video games can change your brain  Click here  Write a 3 paragraph (4 sentences each) summary of the article.  What are 3 advantages (2 sentences each) of playing video games according to the article?    What do you think about video games (3 sentences)?  Read the article ‘Are teenagers brain really different from adults’.  Click here.  In this article there are two sections titled Teenage Brain Development and Teen Brain Functions & Behavior.  Write a 3 paragraph (4 sentences each) summary of each section.  What did you find the most interesting part of the article and why (5 sentences)?

2.  Read the article Sibling Rivalry.  Write a 2 paragraph (5 sentences each) summary for each of the sections titled About Sibling Rivalry, Why Kids Fight,  What to Do When the Fighting Starts, and Helping Kids Get Along,    In the section titled Why Kids Fight, identify the four reasons and write a 3 sentence description of each one.  What do you think about the fourth reason (3 sentences)?  Click here.

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