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This is an essay assignment to write the last section of your final paper, which will eventually be Section VII, Evaluation and Control.  This should be two pages of writing (no need for a cover sheet and references page for this assignment), double-spaced, with one-inch margins and 12-point font. 

In this assignment, you will describe the evaluation and control measures that will be used for your recommended strategies (only your recommended business/corporate strategy and the supporting functional strategy, not all the strategy options).  This two-page essay should identify what you will measure to determine if your recommended strategies are successful or not.  Your recommended strategies must be able to be measured so adjustments can be made if performance is not improving.  Financial performance is one way of providing a meaningful and reliable measure of success, but there are others.  Your information must include at least two ways you will measure success.  Your methods of evaluation and control must be logically connected to your recommendations and your strategy implementation plan. 

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