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write a persuasive 1000 word essay interpreting a work of art the photo is attached PDF and weblink is https://britishmuseum.withgoogle.com/object/wall-painting-showing-martyrs

Organization of the Paper: (further explanations and examples can be found in the Survival Guide handout)
1. The Introduction. (Not necessarily in order.)
A) Write a Short Description of the Work You Have Chosen. Include identifying subject matter or forms, setting or space, color, and medium, artist and current location.
B) State Your Main Argument. A thesis statement related to the overall effect or meaning of the object.  (i.e. What does this work mean?)
C) State (Briefly) the Ways in Which You Will Prove It. (Forecast your main points.)

2. The Main Body:  You will describe three or four pieces of evidence from the work youre looking at to support your thesis statement.  This evidence can be from any of the following areas. You dont need to use them all.
A) The medium (the material the work is made with), the mediums traits, and the artists use of the medium.
B) The relevant visual elements (i.e.: line, shape and space, composition and relative scale, light and color, style)
C) The composition (i.e.: unity/variety, balance, emphasis, focal point)
D) The subject matter, if the work is representational.  (What does it picture. If there are people, how do they react to each other or the viewer.)
E) The relationship the formal elements and composition have to the subjects meaning (or overall effect).

3. The Conclusion.
A)Restate the Main Argument.
B) Place this work of art into the big picture. Relate it to a larger issue, art-historical movement, etc.

4. Attach an image of the object (This can be a postcard purchased from the museum bookstore, a photograph, or your sketch. Your own sketch does not need to be professional quality.)

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