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For the final discussion question of the class, we will look at sponsorship slide decks and videos that you will get a chance to critique. Sponsorship slide decks are important to recruit resources to fill a necessary gap for an event. It gives the sponsor the information about the event, your request from them, and what they get in return for their sponsorship.

An event video is an additional step to give sponsors extra promotion. It adds production quality and polish to the event to help it stand out from the rest.

The following linked sponsorship decks are from real events with esports activities. Choose one sponsorship slide deck and one video and then answer the questions below for both the sponsorship deck and video. Make sure to not already choose a file that a student has already posted about.


Does this sponsorship deck have all of the elements we discussed in class? If not, what is missing from this sponsorship deck?
In your opinion, what does this sponsorship deck and video do well? Why?
In your opinion, what does this sponsorship deck and video need to improve on? Why?


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