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Analysis Paper

You are to write an analysis paper that details the projected reasoning and anticipated problems of your final persuasive speech.  ( Including your final persuasive outline)

Include in this analysis:

What topic you have chosen and the merits of this topic for a persuasive speech.

How you will adapt the information and the research of your informative speech to your persuasive speech.

Include a copy(s) of your survey(s) and the results.

Explain what organizational pattern you will be using and why.

Explain what your main points will be and why you chose the order they will appear.

Explain what types of evidence you will be using and why.

Explain what type of appeals you will be using and why.

What type of reasoning are you going to use?

Explain what steps you have taken to adapt to your audience.

What kind of visual aids are you going to use?  Why?

What problems, if any do you foresee with the content of your speech?

What steps are you taking to overcome them?

Why did you choose the attention getter in your introduction?

How will your conclusion give your audience a sense of closure?

What is your expected reaction from the audience from your presentation?

What ethical considerations did you have in the construction of your speech?

You may, and should, include any other information you think is necessary to give a projected analysis of your upcoming presentation.  A copy of your final outline is to be included.

All papers are due -_________see syllabus________________

ESH/2001 Rev.

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