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Write a four-part essay to explain and argue whether the rule of law is valuable.

The structure of this essay is the following:

Part 1: They say that the rule of law is/is not valuable because
Part 2: I say that the rule of law is not/is valuable because
Part 3: One might object that
Part 4: I reply that

(i) The format of this assignment is essentially the same as the previous two, except that it is expanded from four paragraphs to four parts, and you will need to elaborate your arguments in greater detail. However, you still need to write concisely and should avoid writing long, multi-argument paragraphs.

(ii) Word limit: 600 words.

(iii) Include a word count.

(iv) Please draw upon at least one of the guest lectures to explain and/or support your arguments. (I made the essay question more general so that you would have more room to use what youve learnt in the guest lecture.)

(v) Make sure that the argument in part 2 is contrary to that in part 1, though it need not directly engage the one in part 1. But your objection in part 3 should directly engage the argument in part 2, and your reply in part 4 directly engages the objection in part 3.

(vi) Write clearly and comprehensibly. Your assignment will be assessed partly based on clarity and comprehensibility.

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