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The created/made up product is CBD Yogurt.  Conduct secondary research and describe the market (library, internet/web). What is the market size (dollars, units)? Which are the main competitors? What is their market size? Use a pie chart to report their market shares. The database Market Share Reporter can be useful in this regard (it can be found under Databases A to Z on the Library page). Many other sources are available on the internet. Use them wisely to describe the industry. What are the existing product varieties? What kind of consumers do these products satisfy? If all brands of yogurt are your direct competitors, what kind of products are your indirect competitors? Conduct primary market research (visit at least three retail outlets). What are the products they market? What are their prices? Report your findings in one or more tables/charts/figures. The purpose of this section is to provide a clear picture of the existing market conditions and pave the way for creating the marketing plan for your own product (or product line).

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