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NDIVIDUAL Assignment #4 – Personal Values & Organizational Culture Essay (Due 11/13/20, 11:59pm, 100 pts)

Watch the assigned videos: GoDaddy & Zappos
https://youtu.be/WiIeImBFRK4 (zappos)
https://youtu.be/mCD4UU53fms (godaddy)

Prepare a 300-400 word essay, double-spaced covering the following:

1) Rank these values in order according to how important they will be to you in a professional work setting after you finish your degree (from most to least important):

Quality (thorough, accurate work)
Rewarding & supportive relationships with colleagues
Openness (being receptive to new ideas or multiple perspectives)
Understanding/helping/serving others
Courage/risk taking
2) How might the personal values that you ranked in #1 align with organizational culture characteristics (p. 545 in the textbook) and why is this important to consider?

3) Connect your organizational culture preferences to one of the assigned videos (either GoDaddy or Zappos). For example, why does the organizational culture you prefer tend to be more mechanistic or more organic (p. 536 in the textbook)? Are there aspects of the culture you prefer that are similar or different from either Zappos or GoDaddys organizational culture?

Please remember to:

Submit your essay here in CANVAS (via TURNITIN).
Follow the Written Assignments Rubric (LINKPreview the document and in Course Resources Module).
Follow APA Guidelines as specified in my syllabus.
Ensure the essay is 300-400 words, double-spaced).
Cover each part of the assignment prompt.

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