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Choose ONE of the following hypothetical cases for your Quiz response.

Submit a paper addressing all of the questions below regarding the case you choose. 
Your paper should be no more than three double-spaced pages with 1-inch margins on all sides.  Please use Black ink with Times New Roman or a similar 12-point font.
Put your name, course number, and page number on both pages.   
Cite at least one APA-approved reference and include an appropriate APA-style reference list. Course texts and APA-approved readings may be used as references.

1.    What do you consider would be the primary DSM-5 diagnosis or diagnoses for this client? Note any and all that you are considering at this time, i.e.: differential diagnoses.

2.    What DSM-5 criteria does the client meet for each of the diagnoses you are proposing?

3.    What is one comorbid factor to be considered in diagnosing this client?

4.    What is one ethical concern relevant in diagnosing this client?

5.    What is one cultural factor relevant in diagnosing this client?

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