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The first document is a letter written by Simon Bolivar in 1815 to the governor of British Jamaica.  This was during a time when Bolivar was in exile after failing to spark an independence movement.  During this time of exile, Bolivar had the opportunity to regroup and focus his revolutionary philosophy before launching a new independence movement.  This letter is notable because it essentially outlines Bolivars view of America under Spanish rule and also the fact that it was written immediately prior to his successful reinvasion of Venezuela and the subsequent Latin American independence.

The second attachment was issued by Father Morelos, who took over the Mexican Independence movement after the death of Father Miguel Hidalgo.  Although he did not have control over the region, Morelos clearly outlines the new laws to govern Mexico in this 1813 document.

Read the attached documents and answer the following questions:
1) What does Bolivar believe are the causes of independence, or in other words, what events have occurred that justify independence?
2) Morelos led a very different kind of movement than Bolivar.  How similar or different were his political ideas?

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