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CMNS 1140 A3 AND A5:  Analysis and Presentation
(Assignments worth 10% each) 
Research: Credible, Informative, relevant to the Context, sourced ethically, cited
Task 1: Instructions for research memo
For this assignment, you will choose and research a topic below. You will research this topic and present it later in the semester, after rehearsing with your buddy. You will write a two to three-page memo to me in your own words with references from at least five sources cited in APA style explaining why and how the organization could improve.  You will upload the memo as a PDF to Moodle.
Choose from one of the following four topics and inform me, the instructor:
1.     Why and how your workplace, or a local organization can be more inclusive of indigenous employees, customers, partners, or ideas.
2.     Why and how your workplace or a local organization can be more inclusive of disabled employees, customers, partners, or ideas.
3.     How and why your workplace or a local organization can be more involved in philanthropy and charity.
Write a memo of analysis to me.
       Include the following in complete sentences:
o   Main Message. A persuasive main message about the topic
o   Argument. Your detailed and researched argument about why the organization should improve its inclusive practices or be more involved with the community/charity giving
o   Strategies. Your concrete researched strategies and tips for bringing about organizational change
o   Explanation. An explanation and analysis of the intended audience for your final presentation about the topic above and an explanation of why the strategies you will propose in your presentation will be relevant to them/work for them
       Design your memo to make it accessible and reader friendly
       Provide parenthetical citations thr

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