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For this reflection paper, I would like you to think about yourself as an example of someone who has been a learner in multiple contexts throughout your life.  Identify a learning situation you experienced early in life (anything you can remember before you were 15 years old).  Describe that experience, what you learned  in that experience, and how you learned it. 

Then, apply concepts from two of the following options to that experience:

1. Cognitive perspectives (information processing, dual store memory model, levels of processing model)

2. Piaget’s cognitive developmental model (stages of development, assumptions of the theory, neo-Piagetian principles)

3. Types of Knowledge and Concept Development (declarative, episodic, semantic, autobiographical memories, theories of concept learning, changes in concept, schema and script, personal theories, worldviews, etc.).

Please use outside literature to bolster the points that you make.

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