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In a 1,500 to 2,000-word paper, select a country, any country of your own choosing, and take your instructor on a step-by-step journey through the PESTEL Country Risk Analysis process. Please be detailed in your explanation regarding the country, the type of risks, and the PESTEL analysis process. Be sure to present a detailed analysis of the implications for each of the PESTEL components. Also, explain what we will very loosely call “your results” and your decision whether or not to conduct business in that country. You have been provided with several resources in Lesson 4 to access in order to complete your country analysis. However, feel free to use other credible sources in your analysis.

Be sure to identify a foreign country and why you chose that country.
Apply the PESTEL risk analysis to your country risk analysis.
Use graphs, charts, or tables to help illustrate your analysis.
Finally, explain your results and why or why not would you recommend your chosen country.
Include an APA title page and at least two references in APA format.

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