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This peer collaboration assignment is intended to help you provide and receive feedback for the rough draft step of a writing project, as well as become more accustomed to working with peers, practicing critical reading strategies, and applying course concepts.
Create a new thread in the linked Peer Review forum for the writing project. Attach your rough draft as a Word file, and write a brief post answering the following questions:
What is the main idea or thesis statement of your essay?
Does the current draft support that main idea or thesis statement?
What are 3 things about the current draft that concern you most?
After youve posted a thread doing what is explained above, you will then complete 2 peer reviews for other students. Choose another students posted thread who has fewer than two posts (if possible), download their posted file, and after reading their essay create a reply to their thread answering the following questions. Be sure to rephrase the questions as part of your answers:
What is the main idea or thesis statement in the introductory paragraph? Rephrase it in your own words.
Does the main idea or thesis statement sound clear and is it effective?
Do the body paragraphs of the essay support that thesis statement?
What are two areas for improvement, and what are two areas that are working well in the current draft?
Your work will be submitted using the Peer Review forum for the current Writing Project
This assignment must be submitted by 11:59 PM and will be graded on thoroughness, understanding of requirements, and grammar and mechanics

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