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Global poverty and development practice
project a short-to-medium term effort organized by an institution or actor
to make a change on a condensed level.

1) identify the poverty alleviation and/or development project related to water access that has sought to achieve a specific goal
2)to analyze the make-up and outcomes of the project.
write a critical analysis of how the initiative/project actually works in practice by answering at a minimum the following questions:
Where does the project take place?
What are the origins of the project/initiative? Does it respond to an existing need?
Who are the donors? Who are the beneficiaries?
What are the goals of the project?
Did/does it achieve what it set out to do?
On which theory of development is the project/initiative based?
How did the project contribute to reducing or increasing inequality, including, but not limited to, poverty? (note: in some cases, a project might both contribute to reducing inequality in one area, but increasing it in another)
In order to properly analyze the project, you will need to consult a range of sources. You must do so, to understand better the details about the location (including demographics, population, history, etc.), the donor/organizer, the community where the project is taking place, and the need that the project is responding to. See below for a further discussion about sources.
Use at least three (3) academic humanities and social science journal articles outside the reader
and at least three (3) texts written by authors with academic affiliations from the reader(i will attach some articles below, you are also free to use any content from divide-written by hickle 2017.)

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