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You are to write a formal essay that reads Art Spiegelmans graphic novel Maus through the vein of one (1) of the historically significant theorists or critics whom we have studied thus far. Keep in mind that you will need to engage with the primary text written by the critic or theorist

Apply Longinus concept of the sublime to Maus. Does the graphic novel satisfy the major criteria of a sublime work of art? Are there moments in it that Longinus might identify as sublime?

Your paper should be thesis-driven and, of course, academic in tone and style. Again, you must address your critical source directly (i.e., explain and quote Longinus,) and provide evidence from Spiegelmans (i.e., quotes from his text, or descriptions of imagesor even included imagesin order to prove that your application of your critical source to his graphic novel is a just and viable one). Your paper must follow MLA style and must be at least 700 words.

i have attached both  readings as a pdf

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