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This project is a great opportunity to analyze the students ability to summarize critical information and apply theories to practice, including current issues in race, gender, politics, and the pandemic. This will be an opportunity to couple theories with real life experiences and craft a response to conflict, preferably in the workplace.
Framing Up The Issue
Identify a conflict in your life, preferably in the workplace, where conflict existed (or exists) between you and another person. It can be personal or professional in nature.
As a result of your conflict, you believe the outcome was or was not favorable.  [If you are still working thru the conflict thats OK too.] 

Write a 6-8 page paper supporting why you believe your conflict resulted in a FAVORABLE outcome (what things you learned in OL 620 helped to create the resolution). If its unresolved, make recommendations of at least 3 considerations for a favorable resolution.                                                    OR
If you believe your conflict resulted in an UNFAVORABLE outcome, provide an alternate approach (including at least 3 considerations) that would have resulted in a favorable outcome. 
Integrate negotiation strategies and types of conflict theories from class discussions into your project/presentation
APA Format/Academic Writer 
Cite 3 or more sources

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