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Find at least five peer- reviewed, academic sources that explain the truth of this issue or what is wrong with the misconception of it. You will need to defend why you find those sources credible in your annotated bibliography.

Here is a specific format to follow. In a brief paragraph before you begin the bibliography, clearly state your topic, how you arrived at it, and your tentative thesis for the research paper. Then you will list each source alphabetically in MLA format. You will then annotate each source in the following format (note that this is the format for an online article; if you have other kinds of sources, the format will be a little different):

Sample, George A. This is an Article in an Academic Journal. Grey Haired Academics Monthly, Volume #, Issue #. Date of publication. pp. Academic Database. Web. Date Accessed.

3-4 sentences: Summary What is the author’s thesis? What are the main ideas supporting that thesis? What is the purpose?

3-4 sentences: Analysis Is the author clearly identifiable? Can you establish her or his credibility? Is the sources presentation clear and reasonable, or is the language biased? Is there any reason to suspect bias on the authors part (philosophical, religious, political, cultural)? If so, what do you think are the biases? Is there any evidence backing the purpose? Is it verifiable? Anecdotal? Relevant to the purpose? Is it testable? Can it be independently verified through another source not related to this one?

3-4 sentences: Evaluation What is your opinion of this source? What is its potential value to your research paper? Is it topical, timely, and relevant to your paper? How exactly do you plan to use it?

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