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Choose only one of the following two options:

Option 1: Argumentative Essay.  With so many different types of podcasts out there, they must affect the listener in some way. Your task is to make a claim about the effect that a specific type of podcast has on its listeners. Are the conversations of the dark web a trigger for violent actions in listeners? Does the machismo, fraternization, and bro-culture of certain podcasts (hint: The Joe Rogans Experience) ruin the important conversations being discussed? Are long form political conversations superior to that of cable news exchanges? Can a podcast truly help you find financial success, popularity, and/or spiritual nirvana? These questions are meant to help you get started. You can use one of these ideas as a beginning point for your essay, or you can come up with your own. Remember the idea of the argumentative essay. It offers a debate that often answers one of the following questions: Is it good or bad? Is it right or wrong? It is harmful or harmless? Should or shouldnt something be done? Make sure that essays thesis is argumentative in nature: Think Italy.


Option 2: Interpretive Essay.  Choose a podcast and provide your interpretation of the conversation that unfolds in the interview. This will still be argumentative in nature as your interpretation will be unique to your own ideologies and beliefs. Discuss what the conversation is about, what are the arguments that unfold, who these ideas would appeal to, what they say about the listener, the interviewee, the interviewer, society itself, etc. Begin by briefly discussing what the interview addresses and to whom the arguments are aimed, but remember that the focus of your essay should explain how and why this long form conversation affects the listener. Development should also incorporate specific examples and rhetoric form the conversation, as well as research from outside sources, to fully support your ideas.


For either option, do not write about the podcast as a whole, but narrow down your focus. Trying to write a 3-5 page essay about the entire spectrum of the podcast would be too difficult. There are many types of podcasts with as many themes: science, political, entertainment, music, literature, murder, etc. Focus your claim on one specific aspect from the podcast and go from there.

Provide a thesis that states your assertion and support that thesis with detailed examples from external texts used. Make sure not to be too limited nor too broad in your claim. Using various outside sources according to MLA format is required, both form the texts used in class and from outside sources such as online databases. Provide reasons (analysis) for why you have used your support (research) and how it relates to and supports your claim. Categorize and compare or contrasts the writers ideas and observations. Include any of your own experiences with the topic to further develop your paragraphs (personal insight). Organize your information effectively so as to prompt easy, concise reading. Provide specific topic sentences at the start of each major unit of information (body paragraphs), and make sure each topic sentence directly relates to and supports your thesis. While the topic at hand and the presentation of your argument are primary, do not ignore the mechanics of your writing (grammar and punctuation).


Assume that your readers are representatives from a student counsel at school. They know little about the podcast you are discussion and have ask that you present a claim about it to them.


3-5 pages, typed, double spaced, 12 point font and one inch margins all around. Use black ink. Do not quad space between paragraphs or try to extend the length of your essay with other such trickery. Include name, date, course number and time in the upper left hand corner of the first page. Put last name and page number in the upper right hand margin (1/2 inch down) on successive pages. Create an effective, interesting title. Do not include a cover page or report covers. Staple.

Essay Evaluation:

Final essay packet should include:

The final version of the essay with a works cited page.
A typed rough draft that shows evidence of significant hand-written revisions (on campus classes only)
A formal, typed outline with evidence of hand-written revisions

Ill look for:

Effective introduction and conclusion
Clear, concise presentation of your claim (thesis statement0
Logical organization of ideas
Proper use of topic sentences
Support via outside sources from the class texts and from legitimate sources such as online databases
A properly formatted works cited page
Coherent writing and structure appropriate for the college level
Careful proofreading and editing

Due Date:

Rough Draft: October 15th 

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