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Answer the question number based on the story.
* Do not write it as an essay, just one paragraph for each question.
* 70-100 words per question.

1. explain your reaction to the point of this story. Are the deeper questions of life unimportant? Or are the questions themselves an attempt to understand and grapple with the issue of suffering?

2. Buddhism’s Second Noble Truth states that the suffering in life is caused by one’s disordered attachments to things in their life. In your opinion, is suffering in the world primarily caused by one’s disordered attachments?

3. BUddhism’s Third Noble Truth states that suffering can be stopped through one’s own spiritual effort. Can the suffering in one’s personal life or in the greater community be eliminated through spiritual effort?

4. Buddhism claims that the goal of life is to eliminate suffering and that suffering is always to be avoided. In your opinion, is suffering always negative as a thing to be avoided? Can experiences of suffering be a teacher of life’s most valuable lessons?

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