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Read the 3 case studies in Nussbaum, pp. 41- 46.
For each case study respond to the following directions and then post on BlackBoard in Week 8 Discussion Board (read the chapters in DSM-5 related to each of the 3 disorders)
Identify the diagnostic criteria and diagnostic features which the patient in the case study meets for each disorder (Major Depressive Disorder, Schizophrenia, and Alcohol Use Disorder). Do this before reading the paragraph following the case information which Nussbaum has provided.
Identify the severity code, the specifier, and differential diagnoses. Do this before reading the case information provided by Nussbaum which follows the case.  What support does Nussbaum use in choosing the diagnostic label, specifier, and differential diagnoses?
Make an attempt at potential treatment you would consider.
What risk factors do you need to consider for each patient?

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