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A.    Introduction

Which approved topic are you addressing ?

What is the specific health care delivery issue or problem associated with the approved topic?  You must include documentation to show that it is a healthcare problem that should be addressed; for example, include recent statistics.  This should also include the history and background of the issue, supported by documentation (use peer review articles).

B.    Solutions and/or Approaches to solve the problems identified above

Using scholarly journals, what are at least two different healthcare strategies that have been used to address the problem successfully? Include why the strategies have been successful, while others have not.

C.    Writing Proficiency

You will be graded based on writing style; composition, organization; grammar; sentence structure, ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas and spelling.

D.    Conclusion

What conclusions can you draw from your research as they relate to your health care delivery issue/problem? Support this conclusion with references from readings and information gathered in sections above.

Works Cited

Remember you must cite throughout your paper using APA method of citation.

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