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A person’s diet and activity choices can be affected by a wide variety of factors. Some influences may be positive and encouraging, while others can have a negative impact on a person’s body image or self-esteem. We are also bombarded with information about the “best” way to lose weight or get in shape. There are tons of popular weight loss plans available, but how do we know which ones are safe, healthy ways to go about making a lifestyle change?
There are two different parts to this discussion. You are responsible for responding to one of the questions based on your last name, but you are welcome to follow up on any/all of the other topics.
 Address cultural messages and attitudes that may have an impact on food choices, body image, self-esteem and disordered eating.

How do societal factors influence eating behavior and self-image?
What influences are present in the American culture? Are these similar or different from other cultures?
Discuss your opinion regarding this issue. What would you like to see change?

Make most discussion posts (including reply posts) three or more paragraphs, and provide complete citations for references used.

Please review attached grading rubric

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