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Now that you have completed your paper, build and deliver a video presentation that details your solution to the healthcare issue that serves as your topic.
In your presentation, you should:

Exhibit comprehensive research and understanding by referencing important points and insights from the perspectives of inquiry papers.

Present your issue and your argument for your solution

Make a PowerPoint presentation with at least 7-8 slides over the paper uploaded discussing the solution to declined patient satisfaction in the ED. With detailed important points and insights over the paper uploaded.Running head: DECLINED PATIENT SATISFACTION IN THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT 1


Declined Patient Satisfaction in The Emergency Department
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Declining patient satisfaction in the emergency department (ED) demands urgent resolution. Aspects worsening patient experience at the ED are long waiting times, congestion at waiting rooms, long queues, and high rates of patients leaving without being treated. These aspects lead to poor service delivery, thereby damaging the reputation of the hospital’s ED. If the challenges remain unsolved, the hospital with a record-high rate of decreased revenue collection since the high number of patients leaving to seek services from other hospitals and cannot refer others to seek care from the hospital. The emergency department is the main source of the revenue collection of the hospital. There should be a computerized system to help patients avoid document loss, information leakage, and noncompliance to the ED’s clarence procedures. From a cultural perspective, respecting patients’ rights, their beliefs, and protecting confidentiality enhances patient satisfaction. The violation of patients’ rights and privacy make them unhappy with provided services. Policies are needed to ensure nurses and physicians observe culture and ethics to improve the satisfaction of patients. Most states in the U.S. have enacted laws on patient confidentiality to maintain legal compliance in the ED. A practice of audiovisual recording is unethical within the ED. There is a need to post precautions in the emergency room, waiting for the bay, and patient wards to discourage such acts. Emergency departments need to consider compliance with scientific, analytical, cultural, legal, and ethical demands to enhance patient satisfaction.
Keywords: patient satisfaction, the emergency department, confidentiality, policies

Declined Patient Satisfaction in The Emergency Department
In the 21st century, hospital emergency departments (EDs), along with healthcare providers working in these departments, are a crucial element of the United States (U.S.) healthcare system. For a half-century, EDs have emerged as a promising feature of transforming the U.S. healthcare system. As emergency care continues to evolve, patients, care workers, emergency care services, and facilities have experience evident changes because of the increasing daily number of patient visits. These patients are different and perceive the provision of services differently, an implication that healthcare providers need to consider ethical, cultural, and legal to satisfy patients’ needs. These diverse patients expect getting quality emergency care services without waiting for long, queuing, leaving without being treated, and crowding the

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