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Go back to your readings in Chapter 4 of the text on bias. (see attachment below) Reread the information to help you answer this question.
Remember that bias can be found on a website.
View the website noted here: https://www.naturalchild.org/articles/guest/john_breeding.html.
What indications do you have that the site is biased or not biased? List three things that appear to make this site biased or unbiased. Finally, based on the criteria you have been learning about websites, do you believe this site is true and honest, or does it have an agenda? How might you address bias in your evaluation essay?Generalizations and Biases

One of the most common type of errors for writers is using 
 and biases. A writer may directly or indirectly state a claim that implies that “everyone” in that category falls into that claim. This is a generalization.
· Incorrect: Kids who are spoiled grow up to be lazy.
· Correct: Many kids who are spoiled grow up to be lazy.
· Also correct: Often kids who are spoiled grow up to be lazy.
By adding the word many or the often, the sentence is now qualified rather than implying that all kids are this way. Following are more examples:
· Incorrect: All men need to learn how to better communicate.
· Correct: Many men need to learn how to better communicate.
· Incorrect: Women enjoy talking.
· Correct: Most women enjoy talking.
· Incorrect: Americans need to recycle.
· Correct: In almost all instances, Americans should recycle on a regular basis.
When revising an essay, check for generalizations and correct them with qualifiers, or rewrite those sentences.

 is when a writer allows his or her personal opinions/views to cloud language or arguments. A thesis should be argumentative; however, those arguments should be written using logical appeal. When revising for bias, look for words or sentences that seep into personal emotion, or where sources are from biased sources. For example, the word mankind attempts to refer to all humans; however, humankind, the human race, and humanity are less gender-biased options.

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