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You will be creating 20 creative-drama inspired activities that could be used in the classroom. These activities quick, interactive acting out kinds of activities which are sometimes used as warmups or a way to build class cohesion and cooperation.

You will type these and they should be about a 1/3 or of a page.  You may put as many activities on a page as you wish. However, please number these or draw a line to denote when you are moving on to another activity. On the activity include a title, suggested grade level (s), materials (if needed), purpose of the activity (example: to introduce students to the class), and  clear, concise directions. Correct conventions of writing are included in the grade. This grade is 50% of your grade and counts as Performance-Related category. Each activity is 5 points. You will be graded on 1) Title (1pt.); 2) Suggested grade Level (1pt.); 3) Purpose (1pt.) and 4) clear, concise step-by-step procedure 2 pts.). 

Example: (do not use this one)

Rhyming Charades

Grade Level: K-2nd grades

Purpose: Students will act out rhyming words.

Procedure: The teacher has the students stand in a circle. The teacher states a starting sentence, I am thinking of a word that rhymes with bat.  The students are not allowed to take a guess by saying the rhyming word aloud; instead the student must step into the middle of the circle and act out the word he/she believes is the answer.  For instance, a student may step in and act like a bat. If that is the word, then that student calls out the next word.  If it is not the word, then another student tries to guess the word until it is guessed properly. If a student cannot think of a word for the others to guess, then the teacher gives the clue again.

Possible Websites:
If you use an activity from another source, please cite the source.

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