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I wanted to remind you that your essay on The Souls of Black Folk is due this Friday, October 16. Be sure to answer the essay question as specifically as possible.  You need to focus on what DuBois says about the “value and purpose of education” for black people.  Do not provide general information about who DuBois was and what else he did during his career.  Use your 3-4 pages (typed, double spaced) to explain his main ideas about education.  Use only the book for your source of information.

W.E.B. DuBoiss The Souls of Black Folk is a landmark work of American literature. DuBoiss collection of essays, published in 1903, document the plight of black Americans and advance an argument for how black Americans might cross the veil that divides them from white America. Over the span of the twentieth century, DuBoiss vision for black Americans advancement became the dominant perspective for racial equality.

For your essay assignment, I want you to explain how DuBois envisioned the value and purpose of education for black Americans.  Be sure to explain how his perspectives on education differed from those of Booker T. Washington.  Be as specific as possible in explaining the various dimensions of how and why he believed education was central to blacks achievement of equality.

Please note: do not use any other source for this essay assignment other than The Souls of Black Folk.  If you quote from the book, and please do so sparingly and only when absolutely necessary, indicate the page number in parentheses following the quoted material.

Your introduction should be succinct and highlight the main perspectives on education you will discuss. Your conclusion should briefly reiterate the educational issues you have explained.

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