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Students are required to complete a brief research paper, which will suffice as a midterm project. Students must use and incorporate the American Psychological Association (APA) format. Students must utilize and quote a minimum of two independent resources developed from their research. The required course textbook can be used as an additional resource. Students must properly incorporate at least four citations, from their research into the paper. The paper must contain a minimum of six complete pages of text (not including illustrations) with a cover sheet, abstract page, and reference page, totaling a minimum of nine pages. The paper must be typed in 12-point Times Roman font and double spaced as required by the APA format.

The paper must be submitted on or prior to the required date (October 17, 2020). The topic will address: The Importance of The Criminal Justice System and law. The Research Paper is required and mandatory to pass the class.

Research papers will be 25% of your total grade. They will be graded based upon the quality of work and the detail to which you address your selected topic. Remember to review your work for proper grammar and punctuation. The paper should include the various perspectives or perceptions, and be supported by research.  Research papers not properly following the above instructions will not be accepted. Unacceptable papers will be returned and will have an additional 20 points deducted from them. Papers submitted after the required date will have an additional 30 points deducted from them. Papers can be submitted as drafts for review one week prior to due date.

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