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Guidelines for Research Paper Spring 2020

1)    Use a minimum of five articles:
a.    Current:  no older than 2015
b.    If the article is a study, the study must have been conducted in the U.S.
c.    Peer reviewed journal or nursing journal
2)    Use APA 7 format this will be strictly graded. 
3)    The body of the paper (minus title page and references) must be a minimum of three pages (not one sentence less), but no more than 4 pages.  Deductions will be awarded for papers that are too short or too long (even by one line).
4)    Never use the words:  you or I in a formal paper.  Technically, he or she should be substituted with the patient/client or the nurse.

I do not need a title page I just need 3 full pages of research and a 4th page of just references.

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