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Using the Thank You Letter template and the textbook as a guide, please write a thank you letter using the scenarios below. Select one scenario to use for your thank you letter. Also state when you would send the thank you letter.
Scenario: You have been working with the Career Center to get a summer internship in Finance. You just finished an interview with Inga Somer for the Finance Intern Program at Dell Inc. She told you about the excellent culture and emphasized the work-life balance culture employed at Dell. It was also great to see how global they are and in how many countries they have offices. After speaking with her, you decided you would love to have an internship at Dell. Although you do not have experience in Finance, you have taken several classes. This is the information you were given about the recruiter, Inga Somer:
Inga Somer, Talent Acquisition Advisor
Dell Financial Intern Program
26 West Dry Creek Circle, 
Littleton, Colorado, 80120 
United States

Please Consider:

How do you show genuine appreciation? How can you be professional and personal at the same time?


1 page maximum with standard font and margins.

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