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Please upload your individual tax return project. I have set this up to only allow PDF files to be uploaded.  I have a few suggestions for preparation.

1)  Before filling out the forms, try to do the calculation in excel,  don’t submit the excel file. The actual forms needs to be prepared. I only suggest using excel because a change on a item at the beginning of the return, will change all the number below it. It is too tedious to manually adjust all these numbers for every minor change.

2)  Manually fill out the PDF that are attached.

3)  I’d suggest starting with the Schedule C. Then work your way down the 1040. FYI, You’ll have to deduct 1/2 of SE tax as an above the line deduction before you can calculate AGI. Many items depend on AGI (or the closely related MAGI) including deductibility of certain itemized deductions and IRA deductions

4)  Please upload as few documents as possible. Ideally, you have it all saved as one, maybe two PDF file. Maybe, one PDF for the tax return, and another PDF for the descriptions of each line item

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