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Watch the YouTube film first; This will be my primary source:

The Disability theme I choice is overcoming and compensation. You have to watch the video and identify how and when overcoming and compensation is applied.


                                            Length: 1-2 pages

In writing your summary, there are several key concepts that you need to consider and incorporate.

Primary Source: Identify title, date of publication, and name(s) of author/artist/producer. Your primary source can be an advertisement, a short scene in a film, an artwork, short story, a cover from a magazine, song lyrics, poetry, video game, a short TV episode, or YouTube video. It should NOT be a documentary, a novel or lengthy story, an unknown/uncirculated image or video, social media content (e.g., tweets, Instagrams, etc.), or a newspaper article.

Context: Include a discussion of the storyline, key characters, and a few representative details/examples that illustrate your overview. You will not be able to discuss everyone and everything in the primary source, so you will have to identify what you believe to be the most important parts and include only those in your summary. Remember that a summary should be neutral and not include evaluation (i.e., your opinion), and it must make sense to someone who has not viewed the source material.

Disability theme: Identify the disability myth you will work with. Explain how you think your primary source challenges or supports (or both) your observations about a particular disability myth being played out in your primary source. (This can be in the form of two to three sentences. You do not need to go in depth with this. I just want to get an idea of how you are thinking about your project.)

Format: This summary should be entirely your own work. Citations will not be necessary for this assignment (and if you quote from your primary source, do so sparingly). Your summary and word choices should be concisebetween one and two pages in length (no less, for full credit, and not substantially more).

Mechanics: Your summary should be carefully proofread: no grammatical mistakes or typographical errors. Eliminate phrases like I think. Be concise in your word choices.

Your summary will be evaluated on how well it meets the following criteria:

      Connect with a disability theme?
      Does it convey both content and organizational strategies?
      Does it avoid evaluation/opinion?
Paper format requirements: Your work must be double-spaced, typed in 12 point Times New Roman font, and set to 1 margins. No heading is necessary. You must submit the file as a doc. or .docx in order to receive credit (no .pdf, .pages, or other formats will be accepted!). Failure to adhere to these specifications will result in point reductions.

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