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Assessment Task – Tutorial Questions

Unit Code: HI6007

Unit Name: Statistics for Business Decisions

Assignment: Tutorial Questions Assignment

Due: week 13

Weighting: 50%

Purpose: This assignment is designed to assess your level of knowledge of the key topics covered in

this unit

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed.:

1. Understand appropriate business research methodologies and how to apply them

to support decision-making process.

2. Understand various qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and


3. Explain how statistical techniques can solve business problems;

4. Identify and evaluate valid statistical techniques in a given scenario to solve

business problems;

5. Explain and justify the results of a statistical analysis in the context of critical

reasoning for a business problem solving

6. Apply statistical knowledge to summarize data graphically and statistically, either

manually or via a computer package;

7. Justify and interpret statistical/analytical scenarios that best fits business solution;

8. Explain and justify value and limitations of the statistical techniques to business

decision making and;

9. Explain how statistical techniques can be used in research and trade publication

Description: Each week students were provided with three tutorial questions of varying degrees of

difficulty. The tutorial questions are available in the Tutorial Folder, for each week, on Blackboard.

The interactive tutorials are designed to assist students with the process, skills and knowledge to

answer the provided tutorial questions. Your task is to answer a selection of tutorial question for

weeks 1 to 11 inclusive and submit these answers in a single document.


The questions to be answered are;

Question 1: Week 2 Question 4 (7 Marks)

a. The following data shows the results for 20 students in one of the post graduate unit.

42 66 67 71 78 62 61 76 71 67

61 64 61 54 83 63 68 69 81 53

Based on the information given you are required to

i. Compute the mean, median and mode. (3 marks)

ii. Compute the first and third quartiles. (1 mark)

iii. Compute and interpret the 90th percentile. (1 mark)

b. In your own word, explain what is inferential statistics with relevant examples.

(2 marks)

Question 2: Week 3 Question 4, (7 Marks)

a. Holmes Institute conducted a survey about International Students in Melbourne. The

survey results are given in the table below.

Applied to more than 1 university

Yes No

Age Group

23 and under 207 201

24-26 299 379

27-30 185 268

31-35 66 193

36 and over 51 169

i. Prepare a joint probability table (1 mark)

ii. Given that a student applied to more than 1 university, what is the probability that

the student is 24-26 years old. (1 mark)

iii. Is the number of universities applied to independent o

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