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Lab – Saturation Test
1) 2 clear plastic cups with holes in the bottom of each cup.
2) Fill cup #1 with topsoil
3) Fill cup # 2 with less than ½ rock. Example, small marble, small rock, then fill the other half with topsoil. Also push both cups from the top to about 1 inch from the top.
4) Make hypothesis in how you feel about the drainage and saturation.
5) Pour water to saturation in both cups
6) Observe- write about, water flow and water saturation.
7) Watch the video link below and write additional information / conclusion.

Episode 419: Garden Myths 2.0

 The saturation part starts at time sequence 13:40 or in other words, start the video 13 minutes and 40 seconds from the beginning 
Write it in word 1 and half page double space.
Due after, 24 hours.

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