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Should Batman kill the Joker :
Paragraph 1: Give the consequentialism argument.

Paragraph 2: Give the deontological ethics argument.

Paragraph 3: Give the virtue ethics argument.

Paragraph 4: With reference to the three arguments above, do you believe Batman should kill the Joker? Why or why not?

The claims and counterclaims should be supported with reference to (1) the two sources above; and (2) consequentialism, deontological ethics, and virtue ethics.
The synthesis may adopt a strong position (perhaps a fourth path), or it may concede that three seemingly contradictory positions may be tolerated in parallel, or there may even be recognition of inherent ambiguity and/or impasse.
Avoid taking a debate-like, adversarial approach that culminates in a singular, neatly sewn up, winning argument. Knowledge Questions are open-ended. The idea is not to resolve them. Rather, the reader of the response should be taken on a fascinating journeya somewhat surprising, nuanced, and sometimes counterintuitive to and fro experiencethat enriches understanding. Providing a definitive answer is the realm of closed questions.

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