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After reading the service measurement module, provide a minimum 2-page single-spaced assessment of a service business that you use, have analyzed, or have worked for according to the 4 GAP MODEL of Service Quality. (Note: You can be longer than the prescribed length)

Include in your answer 1) how the business is doing at RATER attributes of service and then 2) how they are doing for each of the GAPs. These are also called principles in your MODULES of Service Quality (GAP 1, 2, 3, 4). It is easy to do this by choosing the GAPS and the sub-areas under the GAPS and assessing the business on those.  Aside from the Service Measurement handout, feel free to google scholar GAP THEORY MODEL of Service Quality, there are several visuals under images which will make this assignment more clear.  3)What other method could you use to measure the service of this business? Use originality and expression in this assignment.

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