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After watching the “Sicko” documentary answer the following in an essay format with a minimum of 300 words. You can elaborate on your own discussion as well. 

Link : https://vimeo.com/76646445

1. Have you ever heard of this movies writer and director, Michael Moore, before? If so, do you like, hate, or have no opinion of him?

2. Would you be willing to pay higher taxes in order to have government-sponsored healthcare (whereby you would never receive a bill for or have to pay a doctors visit, hospital stay, surgery, or any prescription), explain your answer in detail?
3. What is your honest opinion about this situation? Have you been in this situation where you have to pay large amount of money because your insurance have not cover a procedure?
4. If you ever need assistance with a procedure and your insurance does not cover it, would you be willing to move to another country? Yes, no and why?

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