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Patient fall has become a significant problem in healthcare facilities. Patient falls may result in serious adverse impacts such as injuries, legal liability and increased stay in healthcare facilities. This may also have significant impacts on the patient’s financial status given that they have to incur more costs in treatment and stay in hospital. Evidence suggests that about thirty to fifty percent of all falls lead to some form of fracture or physical injury (Morris & O’Riordan, S2017). As a matter of fact all falls are harmful. Falls may also affect the psychological wellbeing of the patients which may lead to lost confidence. Many patients have experienced some of these adverse effects which significantly have affected their health outcomes. While numerous approaches have been developed in the past few years to prevent fall in the hospital, they have not been effective as they should be. This is clearly seen in the increased number of falls among inpatients especially the elderly. Effective prevention approaches are therefore necessary to prevent adverse effects associated with falls indentifying the risk factors to falls could help researchers and healthcare professionals to develop effective preventive measures. Multidisciplinary approaches could prove to be effective solving the fall puzzle.

PICOT Question: Among hospital inpatients (P), what is the effectiveness of conducting standardized assessment (I) as compared to providing a safe hospital environment (C) in preventing fall (O) within the period of hospital stay (T)?


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Cameron, I. D., Dyer, S. M., Panagoda, C. E., Murray, G. R., Hill, K. D., Cumming, R. G., & Kerse, N. (2018). Interventions for preventing falls in older people in care facilities and hospitals. Cochrane database of systematic reviews, (9). Retrieved from https://www.cochranelibrary.com/cdsr/doi/

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Morris, R., & O’Riordan, S. (2017). Prevention of falls in hospital. Clinical Medicine, 17(4), 360. Retrieved fro https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6297656/

How Does the Article Relate to the PICOT Question?

This article is closely related to the picot question. It explains existing approaches to prevent falls in hospital and suggests new ways to reduce the problem.

This article provides a detailed discussion about the roots of fall and provides intervention measures that can be implemented to reduce falls. It also explores best practices for preventing fall in healthcare institutions.

This study provides multiple risk factors that predict the increased fall

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