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I need 10 pages Research paper at October 11, 2020 afternoon- Topic Project charter process.
For this paper details I am attaching the word document. Please check that document. Every thing included. 
Please don’t copy any other assignment. I need 100% unique document with out plagiarismDevelop a research paper on the project charter process.
Follow this outline:


1) Open the essay with an introduction section describing a project charter.
2) Summarize why a project charter is critical to project management success.


1.) Define Project Charter (per PMBOK 6th Edition and course text book).
2.) List the various elements of a project charter and why each is used (i.e. title, scope overview, business case, background, etc.).
3.) Explain in-depth the following key components of the project charter: project vision, objectives, scope, project risk planning, assumptions, constraints and organization and implementation plan.


1.) What critical take-aways in the development process of a project charter would you incorporate into the role of a Project Manager?
2.) Highlight specific components of the project charter that may be most critical to the overall success of the entire project plan.
3.) Discuss preferred methods for stakeholder engagement throughout the project charter process and into project planning.

ASSIGNMENT DETAILS: Please attend to the following guidelines:

· Prepare your report in APA format.
· Literature Review should utilize outside sources substantially. A literature review is a comprehensive narrative on the most recent scholarly work on a certain subject. Therefore, seven (7) to ten (10) scholarly or professional journal articles should be utilized for this section. Other sources (websites, blogs, dictionaries, etc.) may be used in support but do not count toward this total. Also, the sources need to be current research which means contemporary sources (no more than ten years old).
· Paper must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, 10 pages. (Page count does not include title page or reference pages)
· Properly cite all sources referenced and include a reference section. 5) Proofread the document carefully before submission!

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