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Choose a nursing theory and research an article that includes a nursing theory and its utilization in nursing practice or nursing research. Write a two paragraph summary of the article highlighting the application of the selected nursing theory to nursing practice and reaserach 
Article should be current, peer reviewed and within a five year span.
-Use APA format for your references and citations
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I uploaded the nursing theory.LEVINE’S THEORY


• Myra Estrin Levine (1920-1996) was born in

Chicago, Illinois.

—Levine developed an interest in nursing

because her father (who had gastrointestinal

problems) was frequently ill and required

nursing care on many occasions.


—Levine graduated from the Cook County School of

Nursing in 1944 and obtained her BS in nursing

from the University of Chicagoin1949.

—Following graduation, Levine worked as a private

duty nurse, as a civilian nurse for the US Army, as

a surgical nursing supervisor, and in nursing



—After earning an MS in nursing at

Wayne State University in 1962

—She authored 77 published articles

which included “An Introduction to Clinical

Nursing” with multiple publication years on

1969, 1973 & 1989.

—She also received an honorary

doctorate from Loyola University in 1992.

She died on 1996.

• Levine told others that she did not set out

to develop a “nursing theory” but had

wanted to find a way to teach the major

concepts in medical-surgical nursing and

attempt to teach associate degree

students a new approach for daily nursing

activities. Levine also wished to move

away from nursing education practices

that were strongly procedurally oriented

and refocus on active problem solving

and individualized patient care (George,



• Levine’s Conservation Model is focused in

promoting adaptation and maintaining wholeness

using the principles of conservation. The model

guides the nurse to focus on the influences and

responses at the organismic level. The nurse

accomplishes the goals of the model through the

conservation of energy, structure, and personal and

social integrity .


• Adaptation is the process of change,

and conservation is the outcome of

adaptation. Adaptation is the process

whereby the patient maintains integrity

within the realities of the environment.


• Levine stated that “the unceasing interaction

of the individual organism with its

environment does represent an ‘open and

fluid’ system, and a condition of health,

wholeness, exists when the interaction or

constant adaptations to the environment,

permit ease—the assurance of integrity…in

all the dimensions of life.”

• the product of adaptation. Conservation is from the

Latin word conservatio, meaning “to keep together” .

“Conservation describes the way complex systems are

able to continue to function even when severely

challenged.”Through conservation, individuals are

able to confront obstacles, adapt accordingly, and

maintain their uniqueness. “The goal of conservation

is health and the strength to confront disability” as “…

the rules of conservation and integrity hold” in all

situation in which nursing is re

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