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Racism in Hospitality Assignment instructions and Rubric (20%)

This is the first time I have had an assignment like this in any course. As I have mentioned to you, this semesters offering of 4080 is a highly reflective readings course with an emphasis on dealing with the most relevant issues our industry is facing.
With the death of George Floyd and the increasing discussion being paid to BIPOC, attention is being turned toward the issue of systemic racism in our society, and ultimately our industry.  As students who have successfully made it to fourth year and have significant experience in the workplace, I have expectations that you can tackle topics that may be uncomfortable.  I am also a big believer in the need for educators to provide students opportunities to be creative so this assignment will be exactly that, an opportunity for you to exercise your creative chops.
As most of you know I oversee something called the University Sustainable Restaurant Project.  Your assignment is to write a blog post related to racism in the hospitality industry for me to post on my website.  www.ugsrp.com
The post can be presented in whatever format and style you want, and you can also look at the issue of racism in hospitality from whatever perspective you want.  This is the creative part!  You need to visit the blog, get a sense of what the project is trying to accomplish and provide content on this topic.  You can interview people, you can reflect on your personal experience, or things you have witnessed in the industry.  You can also read and listen to the material I have posted on the website and come up with some form of state of the industry essay etc.  You can do whatever you want as long as it deals with the topic of racism in hospitality and is appropriate for the blogs readership.  (hospitality industry professionals and hospitality students)

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