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Describe a recent experience of providing education to a patient, a peer, or the community.
Describe the teaching experience including the following:
Discussion of the educational topic  (use perhaps teaching weight reduction?)
Description of your role in the educational experience
Description of the learner(s) in the educational experience
Discussion of how it was determined that teaching was needed.
Description of the teaching environment
Description of the teaching tool(s) used. If no tool(s) were used, provide a rationale for not using tool(s).
Discussion of the barriers to teaching encountered.
Discussion of the obstacles to learning encountered.
Description of the outcome of the teaching and whether on not there was a need for further education?
As you are sharing a personal experience, it is acceptable to use first person
Cite the textbook to support responses

Bastable, B. S., Gramet, P., Jacobs, K., & Sopczyk, D. L. (2020). Health professional as educator: principles of teaching
and learning. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning

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