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This Essay accounts for 20% of the final grade.

Essay 3
Make sure that you are describing the analysis that you will be conducting.

Address each of the following:
a)research question or  hypotheses: state  either a  research question; or  null hypothesis and related  alternative hypothesis. How do you expect the results to come out? Why? In your answer, be sure to refer to previous research and/or theory to support your answer.

b) describe your research design and sample

c) What is your independent variable? What is your dependent variable?  Your  unit  of  analysis  is  going  to  be  either  group (aggregate)  data  or  data  at  the  individual  level.

d) Data Analysis- what SPSS procedure will you use to analyze your  data? Why?

e)  What  is  the  degree  of  difficulty  in  conducting  your  study (e.g.  how  difficult  was  it  to  find  data  that  was related  to  your  research question  and  you could perform  data analysis with it)?

f) what is the potential significance of the proposed analysis to knowledge, theory, the field of criminology, and society?

g)  What  are  the  strengths  and  limitations related  to your ability  to complete your study?

Reference citations are not required, although you can use reference citations to support any of the above points (a-g). If you use any references, everything must be in APA format (both in the text and the reference list)  and  copies  of  the  references  are submitted with the Essay.

Previous paper included 

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