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Dimensions: knowledge, values, skills, cognitive and affective reaction) 
This paper and presentation is an integrative and culminating assignment. Select a contemporary social issue (e.g. addictions and mental health). Describe the history, the demographics, and any salient factors in regards to the issue. Discuss social work practice from a generalist perspective (multi-levels of intervention: micro, mezzo, macro, and ecological perspective) inclusive of social work values, ethics, and roles in relationship to the selected issue. Integrate empowerment, strengths perspective, but most importantly incorporate the Black Perspective into the paper. When you are planning your intervention, look to Chapters 13-15 for guidance, with regard to evaluation. This is a detailed discussion and should not be taken lightly. Therefore, the student is urged to begin research, conceptualization and development early in the semester. The instructor is available to assist you on an individual level. The level of completeness and detail will be essential to the grading of this assignment, along with the utilization and synthesis of current literature, the correct bibliographic sources and style, and the presentation itself. Be specific with your use of references. If books are used, identify the exact page(s) of reference. Literature should be current, relevant with a greater reliance on social work articles. 
The presentation must be 10 minutes in length and provide a summary of the information learned.
Each student will be assessed using the following criteria
• Understanding of the material, including fielding questions
• Ability to present with confidence and authority
• Creativity of your presentation
• Thoroughness of the presentation
• Overall appearance
All written/Powerpoint assignments must adhere to American Psychological Association
(APA) publication guidelines.
Demonstrate Ethical and Professional Behavior Dimensions: Knowledge, values, skills, cognitive and
affective reactionLevel of Intensity Happy Caring Depressed Inadequate Fearful Confused Hurt Angry Lonely Guilty/Ashamed

Strong delighted adoring alienated crippled desperate baffled abused bitter abandoned degraded

ecstatic affection for barren emasculated dread befuddled anguished burned up all alone disgraced

elated attached to bleak finished frightened bewildered crushed enraged cut off exposed

enthusiastic captivated by dejected good for nothing horrified confounded degraded furious forsaken horrible

euphoric cherish depressed helpless intimidated full of questions destroyed galled isolated humiliated

excited devoted to desolate impotent panicky in a dilemma devastated hatred mortified

exhilarated enamored of despairing inferior paralyzed in a quandary discarded indignant sick at heart

fantastic idolize dismal like a failure terrified perplexed disgraced infuriated unforgivable

great infatuated empty powerless terror stricken puzzled forsaken nauseated

marvelous loving gloomy useless vulnerable trapped humiliated outraged

overjoyed prize grief washed up hysterical pained pissed off

sensational worship grieved petrified maudlin rejected seething

terrific gratified grim panicked stupefied ruined vengeful

thrilled sympathetic hopeless frantic tortured violent

blissful valued agony wounded adamant

static wanted bitter cruel

electrified despair fury

enchanted evil

wonderful hate





Feelings Vocabulary

Level of Intensity Happy Caring Depressed Inadequate Fearful Confused Hurt Angry Lonely Guilty/Ashamed

Moderate aglow admiration awful defeated afraid adrift belittled aggravated alienated ashamed

glad caring demoralized deficient alarmed ambivalent censured agitated alone crummy

glowing close discouraged immobilized apprehensive at loose ends cheapened annoyed apart from othersdemeaned

happy concern for distressed incapable awkward disconcerted criticized antagonistic estranged guilty

in high spirits fond of downcast incompetent defensive disturbed debased belligerent isolated lost face

jovial hold dear horrible incomplete distrustful embroiled defamed exasperated left out regretful

lighthearted prize lost ineffective jittery flustered discredited hostile remote remorseful

neat regard melancholy inept nervous foggy disparaged irritated to blame

riding high respectful miserable insignificant jumpy frustrated exploited mad foolish

serene taken with pessimistic lacking risky going around in circlesinvalidated mean

up trust rotten no good scared helpless laughed at offended

wonderful warm sorrowful overwhelmed shaky in a bind scoffed at resentful

alert toward tearful small threatened lost mistreated spiteful

almighty pleased terrible unable apathetic mixed up mocked upset with

astounded unhappy unfit betrayed troubled overlooked uptight

awed upset unimportant contrite uncertain ridiculed vexed

beautiful weepy whipped distracted scorned vindictive

bold abandoned ignored distraught slammed bit

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