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The response for this discussion will contain two parts. You will need to address the bullet points under each part to successfully complete this discussion.

Part 1: Ethical Considerations and Implications for Planning and EBP
Explain a potential course of action, based on the case study, that could help address the disparity in the availability of quality health care in rural areas.
Describe the ethical considerations, issues, or dilemmas that the case study presents health care professionals, and that are relevant to your potential course of action.
Explain how these ethical considerations influenced the types of evidence and resources that you searched for and will present in Part 2.
Part 2: Relevant Resources and Determining Levels of Evidence
Identify a minimum of three credible resources that are relevant to the case study, your potential course of action, and any ethical considerations.
The Capella University Library is an excellent place to start your search for these resources.
For each resource, address the following (each point only needs to be a sentence or two):
Identify the levels of evidence in the resource.
Refer to the Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Health Sciences: Review Levels of Evidence library guide, linked in the Resources.
Explain its relevance to the case study and your potential course of action.
Explain how the resource helps you address the ethical considerations you described in Part 1.
Explain why the source is credible.

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