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Assignment #2 Nursing Care Plan
This assignment is worth 25% of your final grade. The Nursing Care Plan assignment is based on the case scenario provided. There are two parts to the assignment.
Both Part A and Part B of this assignment must be typed, include a cover page and references in APA format. Utilize the NCP format sample from class.
You must acknowledge all of your sources (books, articles, and internet) as discussed in class. These sources must be identified in the body of your paper and in a reference list on a separate sheet. One source must be the textbook for this class.
Plagiarism is a serious offence. It is the act of presenting someone elses work or ideas as your own. Whether you quote directly or put the ideas in your own words you must acknowledge your source. If you plagiarize, even if unintentional you will receive a mark of 0. Make sure to document your sources.
A marking rubric has been provided for this assignment. Use it and refer to it often as you complete the assignment.
Part A- Worth 15% Check the class schedule for the due date.
In this part of the assignment develop a Nursing Care Plan based on the case scenario provided. Complete the first 3 steps of the Nursing Process-Assessment, Nursing Diagnosis and Planning. Four Nursing Diagnoses with corresponding Assessment data and one Short term and one Long term Goal per Diagnosis is required.
Part B
In this part of the assignment further develop your Nursing Care Plan Part A. Complete the final steps in the Nursing Process-Implementation and Evaluation. Include teaching strategies with the Implementation. Four interventions and four evaluation criteria per nursing diagnosis are required. Remember the Evaluation criteria must indicate HOW you would evaluate the outcomes of your care. Submit your completed Nursing Care Plan Part A with your Part B submission. Use the template provided on Course outline.



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