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Essay Option #2: Were the Founding Fathers Democratic Reformers?
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Primary Documents: James Madison, “Federalist #10” The Federalist (Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt, 1990), 43-48.
John P. Roche, “The Founding Fathers: A Reform Caucus in Action,” in Taking Sides: Clashing Views in United States History, Vol. 1, 13th Edition, edited by Larry Madaras and James M. SoRelle. (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2009), 114-125
Alfred Young, “The Framers of the Constitution and the Genius of the People,” Radical History Review, vol. 42 (1988).
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HIS 1313—Fall 2020

Dr. Moore

Essay Topic:

According to what you heard in class and the arguments presented in the articles, do you believe the Founding Fathers were Democratic Reformers? You must support your answer using only the readings and primary source documents. In the introduction, summarize the arguments of the historians in the reading and choose a side on the issue (thesis statement). The essay should include an introductory paragraph with a strong thesis statement, several body paragraphs supporting your argument, and a clear conclusion that sums up the point of the essay.

Guidelines for Essay:

1) A digital .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) document must be submitted on Canvas by midnight October 12, 2020.

2) The essay must be no less than THREE and no more than FOUR pages long, and typed in 12 point font, Cambria; double-spaced with one inch margins—no other lengths or formats will be accepted.

3) The only sources to be used for this assignment are the readings posted on Canvas. DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES. You can use lecture material, but you must introduce that material appropriately. If you use a reference from the reading, YOU MUST CITE IT! Not giving credit to the original author/publisher is plagiarism. Please use parenthesis and cite the proper page at the end of the sentence. If you are using direct quotes, please use quotation marks. A simple pair of parentheses before the period of the sentence with the page number will suffice. For example:

District Judge Bill Knowles, in his memoir, declared “beyond a reasonable doubt the man was guilty” (42).

4) Please include an engaging title and first sentence with your essay. No title page or works cited page, however, is necessary.

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