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1) review and prepare your answers for the questions below. Note: since you have the questions ahead of time, I am expecting strong integration and discussion of course information.
2) record yourself answering the questions. You can read the question out loud and then answer it. OR you can have someone read them to you off screen. DO NOT read your answer. You would not do this in an interview, so do not do this here.
Interview Questions:
1) Tell me about yourself.
2) What are your strengths and weaknesses?
3) Tell me about a time that you have succeeded.
4) Tell me about a time that you have failed.
5) How do you handle stress?
6) Tell me about a time that you have dealt with conflict in the workplace?
7) Why should I hire you?
8) Explain the difference between the traditional and modern career path? Which is the best fit for your career path?
9) Discuss the results of your 4 career self assessments we took together in the lab. What were your results? How do they match the career you are pursuing?
10) What did you learn about resumes?
11) What did you learn about cover letters and the other correspondence letters we went over?
12) What 3 recommendations would you give to someone who is new to interviewing?
13) Describe what professional networking is and how to do it.
14) What is the starting salary for your chosen field? What would you ask for when negotiating a salary? What do you look for when researching a target city to live and work in?
15) What are your key 3 takeaways from the whole semester?
3) upload your video

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