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Do not summarize the plot of the film: rather, provide detailed description of no more than three specific shots or scenes that support your ideas about the film. This is a short paper assignmentremember, 4 pagesso use your limited space to focus on close, detailed description of your select examples.Avoid words that end in ly (common adverbs): Substitute direct, precise adjectives positioned in declarative statements.
Avoid the passive verb forms to be, is, are: Explain how it is so in declarative, active language.
Avoid the word because: Revise to compose two sentences in a declarative, active voice that
articulates the causality you identify.
Avoid the formulation … , and …: Place a period for the comma. Break the phrases into two complete
Avoid the words obviously, clearly, and the phrase of course: Write through what seems so obvious
to you. Your argument with strengthen for the precision and focus of your language.

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